General Information




Lodging included with tuition.  For this class, students will have access to the cabin Monday afternoon through Friday afternoon.

This is a 2 story log cabin with large yard located about 8 minutes from the CORE Shooting facility.

Directions and door code will sent after registering.

Full bedding is provided.

Furnished kitchen, cooking and dining area. 

Consider hitting Publix or similar in Crestview for week’s groceries, etc.

Bring usual toiletries.

Cell service at the cabin and range is poor to non-existant at best. .  Emergency land lines at both locations.

Cabin and Range has Wi-Fi.  This will allow most cell phones partial text/voice utility.

Bring your own food, drinks and snacks to the range each day as we will not be breaking long enough to leave for lunch.

Covered tables, water, ice and bathrooms are available at the range complex.

Convenience stores and gas stations are about 20 minutes away in Baker.  Restaurants, major good stores, fast food and other niceties are available about 35 minutes away in Crestview.

We cook for the entire class Wednesday night.  If you have any food allergies, please advise a couple of weeks prior to class dates.



I would recommend allocating 500 rounds for this class plus any additional rounds that you may want to use for non-mandatory exercises, extra practices or long range dope gathering.



Bolt action or Semi-Auto rifle / ammo combination capable of minimum 1 M.O.A. accuracy. 


.223 Rem to .300 Win Mag. (.308Win and 6.5Creedmoor class cartridges are most common).  Keep in mind that this course includes engagements between 10 and 750 yds with main concentration between 25 and 350 yds.


Rifle Scope capable of manual elevation and windage adjustment without tools.

Recommended max magnification of at least 10X on primary day optic.

Graduated reticle with fractional M.O.A. or Mil-Radian divisions.


Clip-On type Night Vision device if available.  ( I will have 1 or 2 to share).


I.R. Illuminator with >  600mW output if available.  ( I will have at least 1)


Tripod configured for rifle mounting if available.   (I will have 2 to share)


Quality Sling suitable for positional shooting support as well as “hands free” weapon carry.


Quality folding bipod attached to the rifle (OK to substitute a ruck pack, bull bag or low set tripod)


Eye and hearing protection.  Usual rain gear, sun screen and any specific meds.


Backpack / Drag bag to carry gear.


You can bring ground mat to lay on but we will not be taking time to set up that type position in the few instances you are shooting from a prone position.


We will be moving as a group to each location on the range.  You will be able to move via and have access to your vehicle throughout the course in order to facilitate our intended pace.


Click here for a printable PDF of this list.


WARNING:  Firearms MUST be unloaded and kept in a case until instructed to remove them.  No ammunition is allowed in the classroom.


When instructed to retrieve weapons, we need to maintain them with muzzles pointed at the ground or in the air with actions open and magazines removed. 


We will be working in a fast paced and possibly crowded environment with many distractions.  WE CANNOT ALLOW A MISTAKE with any weapon.


Any Negligent Discharge by any Student will result in the forfeiture of the remainder of the class for that student.  The student can remain and observe but cannot handle any firearm for the remainder of the course.


Please come prepared to adhere to our safe handling requests.  If you cannot comply with our safety guidelines, I will politely request that you find another Company / Instructor to fullfill your training needs.


1 Mil Right LLC reserves the right to deny training to anyone at our discretion.



Deposits and Monetary Obligations

A Non-Refundable 50% tuition deposit is required for all classes offered by 1 Mil Right LLC.


This deposit is due no later than one calendar week prior to commencement of the scheduled class.


These deposits are allocated to reserving and paying for all Classroom, Range and Insurance fees at the hosting facility in advance of the class.  This also allows 1 Mil Right LLC to pre-plan allocation of Co-Instructors, Targets and Supplies as needed for the class size.


If any unforeseen circumstance causes 1 Mil Right LLC to cancel a Class, previously registered students will receive a 100% refund of any tuition already paid to secure a seat in that class.  At the student's discretion, they may also opt to credit any paid tuition toward a future class.


If any unforeseen circumstance causes 1 Mil Right LLC to cancel a Class, 1 Mill Right LLC will not be liable for any lost or forfeited flight or travel related expenses incurred by the student or financially responsible party.


If a student cannot attend or must leave during a class, full tuition can be credited toward a future 1 Mil Right LLC course if the reason was a verifiable emergency.

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